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Don’t be surprised to find guest musicians sitting in on a regular basis when you go to a No Reason gig.  No Reason has one full set of material that’s distinguished by the addition of Jim Lindberg and his vintage, 1930’s era, dobro resophonic guitar.  

Jim started his music career playing the guitar, and can still fill an entire evening singing and playing Hank Williams’ songs on his six string.  Jim began playing his dobro in public in the early 1980’s at Galesburg Unplugged with Charlie Hayes; and Jim has hardly missed a Wednesday evening with Charlie and the boys since then!

Jim is a highly versatile player who adds traditional and tasteful fills to the sound of No Reason, but Jim can also emulate a fiery, Neil Young guitar solo on his dobro.   Jim Lindberg exemplifies that old saying, “It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks!”


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